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Switchgear “ELTEMA” is a product for power engineers and developed by power engineers
Alexey Potapov, Commercial Director of Electronmash told about the current conditions of the electrical equipment market development and the characteristics of the new product – “ELTEMA” switchgear in the interview for the newspaper “Energy industry and production sector of Russia”.
ELECTRONMASH - ten years of free growth
CJSC Electronmash (founded in 1999) is a modern industrial enterprise that provides the customers with system solutions in the field of electrical power supply and automation based on its own developments in accordance with ISO 9001-2001. Interview with Valery Nazarov, Electronmash CEO.
New capacities - New opportunities
Foe more than 12 years Electronmash has been known to Russian consumers as a manufacturer of PS, switchgear cubicles and other electrical products.
Incorporation of customers’ requirements is on the front burner
Interview with Valery Nazarov, Electronmash CEO
Future lies with standardization
It is always interesting why one company grows in the most difficult conditions, and the other company sinks, even when it seems that its business is quite prosperous. What are the key factors that allow the company to become successful in the Russian energy market? What does the Russian energy sector miss for the successful and sustainable development? All these issues have been discussed with Alexey Potapov Electronmash Commercial Director in the interview.
Russia’s entry to WTO will help Electronmash to join the group of five leading manufacturers
Bt the way, according to RBK’ Chief marketing research officer Dmitry Pankov, Russia’s memebership in WTO will surely affect electric equipment import rate. As he said the import tax rates will be subject to change. Regarding transformers the tax rate will drop from 20 to 8% by 2017. In “breakers” segment the tax will go down from 15 to 10%, and in “electricity supply meters” segment the tax is expected to fall from 20 to 13%.

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