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Automated substation equipment control system


Electronmash has developed a substation equipment control system designed for use within Smart Grid concept

As part of preparation for “Power and Electrical Engineering 2013” exhibition, Electronmash specialists have developed a demonstration model of the automated control system for the electrical equipment supplied by Electronmash CJSC.

The automated control system is intended to demonstrate the following features:

  • Remote control of electrical equipment, remote video monitoring of the cassette-telescoping member and grounding rod position.

  • Archiving of data on the status of electrical equipment

  • Data transmission to the network control center

  • Diagnostics of electrical equipment

The automation system includes an advanced diagnostic system that makes it possible to diagnose: a resource of the basic electrical equipment, ACS components state and other devices. The concept of the automated control system developed as part of preparation for the exhibition enables the integration of electronic equipment in the system of higher-level automation and related systems within Smart Grid concept.

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