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Cutting-edge Solutions Offered by Siemens – New Opportunities for Electronmash


Electronmash and Siemens discussed some features regarding implementation of component parts delivered by Siemens in power supply automation systems.

Cooperation with global leading electrical equipment manufacturers which is taking place for many years is Electronmash’s JSC visiting card. Joint seminars arranged on regular basis, yearly training courses for our specialists conducted in the leading Russian and foreign training centers have become a common practice allowing us to actively implement advanced solutions and new technologies in manufacture facilities.

On February 2013 Electronmash’s JSC specialists met colleagues from Siemens to discuss capability of using Siemens’ components in our products. Within the scope of reviewing equipment delivered by Industrial Automation and Drive Technologies departments our engineers familiarized themselves with the newest and prospective developments offered by Siemens. A program was arranged for further cooperation on getting the latest solutions within the projects implemented by Electronmash to work in various power sectors and industry.

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