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Dry-type Transformer T3R

Dry cast insulationn power transformers rated for up to 35 kV, 30 MVA
  • Мощность от 100 кВА до 30 МВА
  • Разнообразие схем и групп соединений обмоток
  • Регулирование напряжения без отключения Абонентов
  • Токоограничивающий реактор
  • Всевозможные исполнения защитных кожухов
  • Максимальная степень защиты IP54
  • Установка на объекте
  • Любые сложные решения в энергетике
  • Безопасные и мощные
  • Многообразие опций и удобство эксплуатации
  • Специальные исполнения
  • Усиленная рама для работы в сейсмически опасных зонах
  • Вариативность цветового исполнения
  • 4000 кВА 6 кВ Yyn-0 перед отгрузкой
  • Трансформатор с усиленной фиксацией обмоток
  • Структура обмоток токоограничивающего реактора
  • Однофазный трансформатор
  • Подготовка к испытаниям токоограничивающих реакторов
  • Обязательные заводские испытания


Transformer (latin of transformo) is a static electromagnetic device, consisting of two or more circuits linked by common inductive field and implemented on a magnetic core designed to transform one or more AC systems (voltages) on primary side to one or more AC systems (voltages) on secondary side with AC frequency level being fixed.

There are two basic groups of transformers: general purpose transformers and special transformers.

General purpose Power transformers are intended to be used in grids that do not feature any special operation conditions or to directly supply consumers that do not feature any special operation conditions, load types or operation mode.

Special Power transformers are intended to supply grids or consumers featuring special operation conditions, load types or operation modes. These are, for example, underground mine and shaft grids and installations, rectifier installations, electric furnaces etc.


General purpose Power transformers are used in power supply systems of civil and industrial objects.
Special power transformers are used to supply underground mine and shaft grids and installations, traction systems of railway and subway networks, electric furnaces etc.

Special features

  • Humidity resistant and pollution proof (class E2, C2, F1)
  • Flame-proof with long duration of overcurrent state
  • Available in seismic versions for up to 9 points MSK-64 scale
  • Low level of noise
  • Special versions can be manufactured undertime



Parameter Parameter value
Main windings insulation Cast epoxy and air spaced
Number of phases 3 (1)*
Number of windings 2; (1; 3; or other)**
Current type AC
Frequency (Hz) 50; (60)
Winding rated voltage (kV) 0.4; 0.69; 6; 6.3; 10; 20; 35; (other)
Rated power (kVA) from 100 to 30000 (other)
Sustained overload coefficient 1.1; (other)
Windings material Al (Cu)
Connection and vector group ?/Yn-11; Y/Yn-0; (other)
Partial discharge level (pC) 10
Installation category as per GOST 15150-69 Up to UHL1
Enclosure protection rate as per GOST 14254-96 IP00***
Cooling type Air natural (AN) and air forced (AF)


* - values for standard version are provided without brackets, values for special versions are provided within brackets.
** - with one winding in a version of current limiting reactor.
*** - higher protection rate can be provided by means of a protecting enclosure.

Environmental specifications

Max height above sea level: 1000 m (other) Seismic resistance: 6 points MSK-64 scale (up to 9 points) Operation ambient temperature: from -25C? to +40С? (from -60? to +65С?) Overtemperature rate for components of assembly: - - F; (B) Windings heat resistance as per GOST 8865: - F; (H)

Мы соблюдаем требования стандартов ведения безопасной деятельности