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Low Voltage Switchgear

Low voltage switchgear rated for 0.4 kV
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Low voltage switchgear (LVS) ASSOL is designed to receive and distribute AC 3-phase electric power, 50 Hz, 0.4 and 0.69 kV, across grounded and isolated grids, including control functions and short-circuit and overcurrent protection.


The LVSs are intended for use as distribution panels, switchboards, panels and control and automation units integrated in power distribution systems, control and automation systems. LVS can also be used as distribution units on the lower side of modular integrated transformer substations.

Special features

  • High reliability – due to use of high quality materials and component parts produced by the leading manufacturers; use of advanced engineering solutions and quality control throughout all production stages

  • Wide variety of design solutions – different features of the housing allows for assembling LVS, configured in any way

  • Modular design – allows for configuring a wide range of electric installations based on LV switchgears

  • Functionality – due to advanced component parts and sophisticated scheme designs the LVS features high level of functionality regarding control, automation and dispatching

  • Safety – equipment is allocated in fixed or withdrawable modules Withdrawable modules and withdrawable or removable switching devices ensure total safety when carrying out maintenance works on the LVS parts without having voltage to be disconnected There is no need to open doors to observe operation and perform control functions. All controls are mounted on the front side of LVS.


Parameter Parameter value
Rated voltage (kV) 0.4; 0.69
Rated current (A) 7100 max
Main circuit current type AC 3-phase
AC frequency (Hz) 50
Auxiliary circuit current type DC or AC
Rated voltage of auxiliary circuits (V) Any standard voltage
Short-time withstand current (kA) 220 max
Short-time thermal current during 1 sec (kA) 100 max
Network type as per GOST R 50571.2 TN-C; TN-C-S; TN-S; IT; TT
Environmental version as per GOST 15150 and GOST 15543 UHL 3.1 and T3

Environmental specifications

  • Maximum height above sea level: 1000* m
  • Ambient temperature: from -10 to +40ºС for UHL3.1 and from -10 to +50ºС for T3
  • Humidity: 80 RH% max at maximum ambient temperature of 40ºС and 95 RH% max at maximum ambient temperature of 25ºС
  • Atmospheric pressure: from 86.6 to 106.7 kPa
  • Atmosphere type: II as per GOST 15150-69
  • Environmental conditions: non-explosive, flameproof, without current-conducting dust and aggressive gases or gases with concentrations capable of destructing metal and insulation

* It is allowed to install LVS on the level higher that 1000 m above sea level provided that correcting index is applied as per GOST 15150.
LVS meets requirements of GOST R 51321.1-2007 (IEC 60439-1:2004).



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