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Motor Control Systems

Motor control systems rated for 0.4, 6 (10) kV: soft starters, frequency converters

In terms of energy-consuming the most powerful industrial equipment are electrical motors of technological installations, which feature energy consumption level of 60% of the total amount of energy produced. Presently most motor applications are not equipped with start control devices so conventional direct on-line start is used.

Energy consumption by electromechanical installations

  • 18% Air compressors
  • 22% Pumps
  • 16% Fans
  • 35% Other equipment
  • 2% Conveyors
  • 7% Refrigerant compressors


The well-known fact is that the direct on-line start method has significant flaws, featuring negative effect on motor and gear, as well as on the power system and technological processes. Besides, absence of performance control results in increase of energy losses and consequent dropping of electrical installations energy efficiency.

The effective solution for getting rid of the mentioned problems across various industries is implementation of advanced start-control devices (SCD). Presently two types of SCDs are used: soft starters and frequency converters, which provide:

  • Run control in accordance with predetermined curves (soft start, fail-safe motor start-up at industrial plants lacking power capacity, motor reversing, braking, stopping)
  • Load-sharing – motor control method based on specific needs requested by process.
  • Optimising start and stop torque curves to eliminate start/stop shocks, imposed on gears and drives which result in increasing lifespan of bearings, reduction gears, belts and other elements of machines.
  • Efficient sharing of industrial capacities within power supply systems (with motors involved in daily load curve regulation)
  • Fail-safe modes for electrical and mechanical equipment
  • Efficient and energy-saving operation of the process equipment


Soft starter   Frequency converters

Electronmash’s JSC specialists are committed to provide the following services:

  • Object observation and initial data acquisition
  • Developing and validation of requirements specification
  • Integrated delivery of equipment
  • Contract supervision and commissioning
  • Training courses


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