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Modular integrated transformer substations (MITS) are used to receive, convert and distribute 3-phase AC electric power.
  • Комлектные трансформаторные подстанции
  • Комлектные трансформаторные подстанции


The ELM modular integrated transformer substations (further referred to as MITS) are intended to receive, convert and distribute AC 3-phase electric power, 50 or 60 Hz, rated for voltage 6-10/0.4 kV and 0.69 kV.

MITS are used as object-oriented, craft and consumer substations across a wide range of industrial and civil objects, and also as auxiliary supply for power stations.

Environmental version as per GOST 15150 and GOST 15543.1: UHL3.1.

Operation conditions for MITS:

  • Min ambient temperature: -10°С
  • Rated operation ambient temperature: +40ºС
  • Maximum operation ambient temperature: +45ºС
  • Max height above sea level: 1000 m
  • Atmospheric pressure: from 86.6 to 106.7 kPa (from 650 to 800 mm Hg)
  • Humidity: 75 %RH at +15°С and 98%RH at +25°С. If lower ambient temperatures may occur heating system for cabinets must be used
  • Corrosion-active agents contents: II class atmosphere (industrial) as per GOST 15150

Symbolic representation of MITS

  • Environmental version and installation category
  •  Drawing accomplishment date (year, last two figures)
  •  Rated voltage on low voltage (LV) side (kV)
  •  Transformer nominal power (kVA)
  •  Manufacturer’s trademark
  •  Letter designation of product
  •  Number of transformers used (if one transformer is used figure is not specified)

An example of symbolic representation of two transformer MITS rated for 630 kVA, 10 kV, LV 0.4 kV, model year --2009, environmental conditions - UHL, installation category - 3.1: 2 MITS-ELM-630/10/0.4/09-UHL3.1

MITS Classification

Classification criteria Versions
Type of power transformer - with oil-cooled transformer with dry-type transformer
Neutral type on the LV side - grounded neutral - isolated neutral
Arrangement of units Single-row, double-row
Number of power transformers used - one transformer - two or more transformers
Busbar insulation in LV switchgear No insulation provided
Switchgear bushing version Cable, busbar
Outgoing low voltage terminals of LV switchgear Busbar Cable Upper level Lower level
Environmental version and installation category as per GOST 15150 and GOST 15543 -UHL version -Category: 3.1
Enclosure type and protection class as per GOST 14254-96 - IP40
- IP55 (optional)
LV switchgear circuit breaker installation type - fixed circuit breakers;
- plug-in circuit breakers;
- withdrawable circuit breakers
LV switchgear function power entrance, line distributor, sectionalizing switchgear, cable type, busbar type
Maintenance access One side, two sides (front and rear)

MITS Structure

MITS - electrical unit, comprising an HV device, transformer, LV switchgear and busbars in between, which can be assembled on factory or on site.

HV device – electrical unit installed in a metal enclosure and equipped with contactors, protection and control devices (or without them – blind bishing), which is designed to receive and distribute electrical power across the circuits, defined by the scheme arranged on HV side of transformer.

LV switchgear - electrical unit rated for voltage of up to 690 V with metal enclosure, comprising one or several cabinets with installed switching, protection, measuring and control devices, which is used for power distribution

Busbar – current-carrying elements installed in metal enclosure which are used to provide connection between main circuits of MITS components according to electrical drawing and design version of the MITS


Parameter/Value HV side LV side
Rated voltage (kV) 6; 10 0.4; 0.69
Maximum operation voltage (kV) 7.2; 12 0.44; 0.76
Short-time withstand current (amplitude) (kA) Up to 51 Up to 220
Short-time thermal current (kA) Up to 20 Up to 100
Short-time thermal current duration (s) 1
Rated voltage of auxiliary circuits (V) 220
Power transformer nominal power (kVA) 100; 160; 250; 400; 630; 1000; 1250; 1600; 2000; 2500; 3150; 4000

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