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Switchgear “ELTEMA” is a product for power engineers and developed by power engineers


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Alexey Potapov, Commercial Director of Electronmash told about the current conditions of the electrical equipment market development and the characteristics of the new product – “ELTEMA” switchgear in the interview for the newspaper “Energy industry and production sector of Russia”.

Alexey Potapov, Commercial Director of Electronmash told about the current conditions of the electrical equipment market development and the characteristics of the new product – “ELTEMA” switchgear in the interview for the newspaper “Energy industry and production sector of Russia”.

Steadily growing production capacity, staff increase, and opening of regional offices, designing and marketing of the new equipment - what other arguments can say so eloquently about the company’s position on the market of electrical equipment in today's conditions?

Alexey Potapov, Commercial Director of Electronmash answered the questions about the possibilities for the company to develop amid the crisis and about the experience on marketing the new packaged switchgear.

Mr. Potapov, this day Electronmash is launching its new electrical product, and I think you will agree that this cannot but arouse the interest of your partners, customers and, of course, competitors. Right now the economic crisis, both globally and nationally, sets the pace for virtually any area of modern life, for more than a year media has been covering in considerable detail the wholesale redundancy, decline of production in significant Russian companies, including those, the area of interest of which relates to the market of electrical equipment. It is quite difficult to characterize the situation as conducive to the development of business, what do you think?

– Indeed, today the market faces a difficult situation, but it is in these moments all divisions are tested for functionality. Electronmash has approached the crisis prepared, we have implemented QMS, optimized workflows, and these facts have greatly raised labour productivity. The company was understaffed, as we took a balanced approach to the personnel policy and never had “odd people” in our team, so during the crisis period we did not have to cut the staff. I will say more - now we are hiring people, as many highly skilled professionals, whom it had been difficult to find until recently, appeared on the labor market. Therefore, we do not consider the situation critical, moreover, now Electronmash development vector is being set for the next decade. Our production line gives us this confidence; it is not overloaded, makes it possible to optimize our inventories of components and manufacturing processes, which positively affects the cost of products and the timing of orders. Electronmash imposes great expectations on its new product - a packaged switchgear “ELTEMA” (“ELTEMA”).

If you rely on the market researches of the electrical equipment market conducted in the past few years, we can conclude that the packaged switchgears are presented today in sufficient quantity. What are the fundamental differences of "ELTEMA" switchgear produced by Electronmash from the equipment existing on the market?

– Today the switchgear market is very extensive. In 2008, 10 thousand modules were imported into Russia, and after all there are also domestic manufacturers. According to our estimations, based on the needs of the FGC, the switchgear market capacity is about 20 thousand modules per year.

Of course, 2009 will bring about changes, but I think in the future we’ll face a pent-up demand, as the electrical network in the country today are very old and need major reconstruction. The current situation in the market sets “ELTEMA” switchgear apart from the competitors. If compared with the foreign suppliers Electronmash products are more optimal in terms of costs, while meeting all the requirements of the Russian GOSTs. If compared with the domestic modules, “ELTEMA” switchgear is notable for technological effectiveness, build quality, reliability, design and service. Relying on the market researches, we can say that in terms of qualitative and cost indicators “ELTEMA” switchgear is gaining leadership on the switchgear-building market.

In fact, the imported equipment supplied to the domestic market is now quite expensive and therefore less affordable. But it's not just the matter of cost. A common stereotype about a higher quality of the imported products if compared with the domestic ones should have been reviewed long time ago. Today, when we are talking about the electrical equipment manufactured in Russia, we say that it complies with the national conditions of its exploitation and take into account the nuances that are not always systematically tracked by the foreign manufacturers.

The main thing that distinguishes “ELTEMA” switchgear manufactured by Electronmash is an optimal combination of components of such world brands as ABB, AREVA, Schneider Electric, and Siemens in addition to domestic designing, execution and quality control. Thus, we propose an alternative to the packaged switchgears that exist on the market and offer an option that complies with the needs of our customers in the best way. I would like to mention the fact that the modern high-tech production, as a rule, requires not just individual types of electrical equipment, but end-to-end solution of issues related to the power supply system. System solutions suggested by Electronmash on designing of power systems and automation of technological processes suggest high-quality equipment availability and it is “ELTEMA” switchgear that has complemented the range of our services and improved their quality.

–“ELTEMA” switchgear has already been presented on the market for several months, and probably you can already say a few words about the current projects?

– At the moment we have finished negotiations on supply of our switchgear to several facilities, and we are now in the process of approval and signing of the contracts, we will be able to tell about these projects in the near future. Some of them will be implemented by us in the Perm region, where two months ago our reprehensive office was opened on Energoservis-Perm LLC base, which is a subsidiary of ENERGOSERVIS JSC. Opening of the representative office has become one of the first steps to develop a network of regional offices of Electronmash in Russia. I would like to emphasize that our principled position is openness to cooperation, we are ready to provide technical and information support to the regional offices on organization and implementation of measures to promote products and services.

And finally, I would like to ask you a question that may seem a bit unusual. The matter is that Electronmash products are electrical equipment, and the customer, of course, is primarily interested in the technical specifications. But the equipment of your company is distinguished by the catchy names as well, such as, for example, LV Switchgears “ASSOL”, “EXON” operative current panel. How did “ELTEMA” gain it name?

– As a matter of fact, this name has appeared in the process of the product development. The first part of the name is consonant with Electronmash documentation code, the second part of the name “ELTEMA” is consonant with the English word “team”. “ELTEMA” switchgear has really been developed by a team, a team of high level professionals, and this is, you must admit, a very important condition to develop a modern high-tech product.

And yet, our product is attractive not only for its name, but, what is more important, for its inner content. “ELTEMA” switchgear has been developed based on the analysis and synthesis of the information obtained as a result of lasting cooperation with various professionals working with the packaged switchgears. This allowed us to identify and address the main problems that occur during their installation and operation, and to develop the switchgear that met fully the requirements of modern industry. Today we can say that the tasks that we set for ourselves developing a new product have been successfully implemented.

Energy industry and production sector of Russia, № 13 (129) July 2009

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Electronmash and its brands

A few years ago, after development of a modern, high-quality product, you could very quickly bring it to the market. Today to promote and consolidate the market positions, a product needs a name - a brand. Today we will tell you what our products are associated with (LV Switchgears “ASSOL”, “ExOn” operative current panel, T3R dry-type transformers, Switchgears “ELTEMA”), about the history of their naming, image and brand development.

A few years ago, after development of a modern, high-quality product, you could very quickly bring it to the market and maintain a high level of sales with little effort. It was believed that a good product should sell itself. Today the situation has changed, in addition to excellent technical characteristics to promote and consolidate the market positions, a product needs a name - a brand that will distinguish it from other similar products and convey the information to consumers about its unique qualities.

Electronmash is engaged in market promotion of the system solutions in the field of power supply and automation of technological processes at manufacturing corporations. To perform this task, the company has developed and manufactures its own line of products. These products complement each other and make it possible to offer our customers not just a set of products but end-to-end solutions.

We would not like to tell you about the technical performance, but about what our products are associated with, about the history of their naming, image and brand development.

The flagship of our production program, by far, is the low voltage electrical switchboard LVS “ASSOL”. Why is “ASSOL”? First of all, we wanted to make our product associated with the sea and St. Petersburg, with the “Scarlet Sail” holiday, with the willingness to changes and hope for new ideas. And with the sea, because it is nature, severe operating conditions, corrosive environment. It is in this environment our equipment should operate reliably. And it has proved this. LVS “ASSOL” has the Marine Register Certificate; it is shipped to oil platforms, designed in shipbuilding. But today not only these industries need modern and reliable equipment. Nuclear power, petrochemical, metallurgy industries have recognized “ASSOL”. LVS “ASSOL” has won the Grand Prix at “Top Electrical Equipment of 2008” competition.

ASSOL” is modern and reliable. Its motto is “Strive to the best every single time”.

“ExOn” operative current panel. This name is an acronym for excellent (Eng. - excellent), on (Eng.- on). Thus the slogan – “excellent switching on is a guaranteed power supply”. “ExOn” ensures reliably uninterrupted DC supply to the responsible consumers. Within two years, Electronmash produced over five hundred “ExOn” operative current panels without a single complaint. “ExOn” is communicative, it has a very convenient, user-friendly interface; it is turned on faultlessly, adapted and integrated into any project.

And today, we see how this product finds new applications - telecommunications, emergency lighting of buildings, uninterrupted power supply to substations, airports, medical centers. “ExOn” was awarded a gold medal for high quality during the 17th international exhibition “Elektro-2008”.

ExOn” is excellent, switch it on!

T3R dry-type transformers. This product is commonly known in the market. It has excellent performance, has a number of essential functions for the integration with the package transformer substations, can be used in the circuit with frequency converters and in other complex structures.

It has been tested for seismic resistance up to 9 points, for cast insulation fireproofness and environmental stress, has undergone climatic examinations. T3R dry -type transformer has GOST R certificate, RTN certificate.

We believe that our transformer is sold well because the winning formula lies in its name - T3R.

The rule of three “R”:

- Rational design

- Reasonable cost;

- Real delivery dates.

Electronmash’s new product is a 6/10 kV “ELTEMA” packaged switchgear. When developing this product, we tried to consider the long-term experience in operating similar devices. A great number of meetings have been conducted with the power engineers, designers, specialists in relay protection and automation - the people for whom energy engineering is the main business of life. They told us about the requirements imposed to this equipment at the substations, about the huge number of details relating to the design, commissioning, and maintenance. The result of these meetings was systematization of the requirements to modern switchgears and statistical analysis of their operation in the existing electrical installations. Work on this product is a synthesis of ideas, innovations and experience. Our employees are grateful to everyone who helped us in this work, in the work on “Eltema”. We have arrived at this name during designing activities.

What is ELTEMA? EL is Electronmash’s documentation code, a kind of pass into the world of electrical engineering, in the world of those people for whom this product has been created.

This name contains the root of the word “team” (Eng. - team). Indeed, a team of professionals has developed this product.
In addition to “ELTEMA” switchgear our company began promoting the market of software for designing a variety of power distribution devices. We would like to convey to the customer that “ELTEMA” switchgear has an optimal ratio of performance and quality- cost indicators.

ELTEMA is a product intended for the energy engineers and developed by the energy engineers.

What are Electornmash’s brands?

BrandAid specialists have defined the brand:

Brand is a consistent set of functional, emotional, psychological, and social promises to a target consumer, which are unique and important for it and meet its requirements to the best advantage.

Brand is emotions, and Electronmash strives to give only positive emotions.

Brand is promises. Believe us, we are doing our best that they are not valueless.

Brand is customer satisfaction. It’s full truth - it's about us!

A. Potapov, Electronmash Commercial Director

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